Loyalty Rewards for Retail Stores

Out mission is to help local businesses market and grow their daily traffic and gross revenue.

Our loyalty reward program uses a simple mobile app to accumulate credits from multiple store locations in the community that can be spent at all area participating stores.  The dual value is to increase the appeal and traffic for local participating stores or services and also to expand the purchasing power of the customers.

During a time of financial stress and high prices, discounting prices is not the only or best solution.  With increased traffic the ability to offer incentives for future visits and future purchases in the smart solution.  Why offer 10% t0 50% off anything that decreases the cash flow to your business.  Charge your normal price and offer the Mint rewards credits.  This means that redemption is not a full cost but calculated at the cost of goods or services.  So, redeeming a $5 credit when your mark up is 50% means that the $5 reward only cost the business $2.50

  • There is nothing you must buy to get our help and guidance after just one course
  • We do not offer financial advice or require product purchases
  • Everyone benefits by learning and participating in the growth of a Buying Community.
  • Our promise is that we work to make cryptocurrency simple for average people

Participating stores, services, and businesses in your area are now offering discounts and loyalty rewards to those using our membership program.  Everyone wins with Mint Rewards.  Customers save money and earn Mint credits with our free app.  Stores get loyal customers who love earning cryptocurrency rewards.  Mint Rewards bring loyal customers to businesses without costly advertising, and greatly assist everyone in the inevitable transition to a fair credit system that answers the economic issues of this hour.

Even better, we show our members how to easily grow their wealth and increase their buying power.  We make it simple and convenient.  Sponsor a simple meeting of friends, workers, or customers to earn up to $1000 in tradable value.