About Mint Rewards


Money of any type is only good for two things:
Spending and Saving to Spend later.

In mid 2022, we are staring inflation and recession in the face and it isn't a pretty future.  Everyone is looking for "Safe Havens" as things are predicted to get worse.  Their choices are gold, silver, gems, stocks, bonds, and real estate.  The test of this decade may well be which safe haven is more than rhetoric.


The new entry in the safe haven consideration is digital money like shopping credits.  As former safe havens seem stuck or in retreat, cryptocurrency is young, full of new ideas, and promises that it will be the currency of the future.  We literally discourage discounting of your goods or services which reduces cash flow.  Instead, offer the Mint credits for all cash purchase that can be redeemed during a future business.

We then turn our attention to marketing our participating stores and services to a consumer base that is growing day after day.  These consumers are looking for deals and the ability to stretch their purchase power using the Min credits.  Stores and services, therefore, get a new way to market to local, active consumers.