Charity Funding

We are Donating up to $10,000
for Charitable Fund Raising

Charity Fund Raising

If you have ever heard about "Crowd Funding", it simply means using small dollar contributions to create a project that turns into a much larger fund that rewards the support, the charity, and the community.  We offer a novel program that does not pull from regular donations, and generously rewards your supporters.  Our program MATCHES the total of small dollar participation.  Using a reliable credits model, the supporters receive twice the value of their purchase that steadily grows in value and cashes out in 24 months.

Our program donates Mint tokens to the charity which grow sizably over the same 24 month period.  At the end of 24 months supporters and charity can withdraw all the values in their account as cash.  In needed, we allow refunds of the initial purchase if needed.   This crowdfunding process does not deplete the treasury or reduce gifts to the church or charity.

The community can profit from this concept as well, because all Mint credit holders can receive discounts at local stores and businesses knowing that this offsets the contributions to the charity.  Eventually, the area businesses can actually offer Mint credits as loyalty rewards for cash paying customers that can be redeemed for later purchases.

The main concern is that charities need money now, and prefer not to wait 24 months.  But, a one-time $100 gift need not interrupt normal giving, and 100 such gifts may add up to $10,000.  But, what if that $10,000 turns into $20,000 or $30,000 in just 24 months and multiple projects are allowed when sanctioned by our staff?  

Remember also the reward of that small $100 supporter, whose value doubled on the day of the purchase, then increased in value every six months over the 24 month cycle.  The supporter of the charity, may see their $100 more than double and double again after the prescribed cycle.  If the program is well done, local stores attract new customers by offering discounts that may easily cover the initial purchase.  In this program, there are no losers.  A little patience and community support can turn a pressing need into a day of thankful rejoicing.