Business & Consumer Training Programs

Unlike many countries, America has banks on most popular corners, and our access to ATMs, debit cards, credit cards, and merchant payment systems is far too convenient.  The banking systems in other countries are not as accessible.  In addition, there are far better payment systems than what banks are using.  Finally, cash money is in trouble.  We must change with the innovations of the future or pay a penalty that none of us want to endure.

Using Loyalty Rewards Programs 

Safety, Security, and Privacy

The Basic Rule for non-cash Buying

The Future of Marketing for Businesses

Income Opportunities with Mint Rewards

Building a Mint Rewards Community

Yes, we have access to basic training for customers and businesses.  Loyalty reward programs are not new, but our program is a new twist because Mint credits are offered and redeemed at more and more local stores and services.